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What is dry cleaning? How do you clean my clothes without getting them wet?
Dry cleaning is similar to washing but without the water. Dry cleaned garments are cleaned in a machine that looks like a giant washer with one major difference - instead of using water or anything water based, a liquid is used that does not contain any water.

Three things cause shrinkage in garments, heat, mechanical action, and moisture. By removing moisture from the cleaning process and replacing it with a liquid that contains no water, garments like your wool pants can now be safely cleaned without shrinkage. Materials like wool and silk generally have to be dry cleaned. By eliminating moisture from the cleaning process we are able to get your garments clean while extending their life all without shrinking anything.

After your items are cleaned, they are pressed. Pressing is what takes the wrinkles out of your garments.
Why dry clean something instead of washing it at home?
While there are many reasons to send your garments to a professional dry cleaners, the most important reason is to prolong the life of your garments while keeping them looking their best. One of the properties of dry cleaning solvent is that it is much gentler than water on your garments. Another property is that it cleans grease and dirt out of garments much better than with water.
How soon can I have my garments back?
We ask for at least two days to clean and press your garments, however we can rocess them faster if requested. If you bring your garments in by 8 am, they can be ready by 3 pm. If you bring your garments in after that, your garments can be ready the next production day by 5pm (there is no production on Saturday and we are closed on Sunday). Some items such as wedding gowns and comforters take longer.
Do you charge a delivery fee on your dry cleaning delivery service?
No! We charge the same price in all of our stores and on our home pick-up and delivery service. We do not charge a pick-up or delivery fee of any kind.
I brought my blouse to another dry cleaner and they couldn't get the spot out, is there anything you can do?
The simple answer is maybe. A lot factors go into whether a stain will come out or not. Some stains are permanent, some stains can be 'set' by improper stain removal, and some stains cannot removed due to the stability of the other dyes (the dyes that are supposed to be there) in the garment. That being said, we employ the best cleaning methods available, use clean solvent in each load, our stain removal specialists have many years of experience along, and we stay current with new clothing trends. All of these tools give us the highest chance for success in stain removal (if the stain can come out).
I like to wear my shirts un-tucked, do you leave a tail band impression on the front of the shirt?
Never. We use the most advanced shirt equipment available which uses vacuum, not a clamp to hold your shirt in place. The result is a perfectly pressed shirt with no impressions from where the press held the shirt in place.
I hate broken buttons on my laundered shirts, what can you do for me?
If we give your shirt back with a broken or missing button, we'll do shirts shirts free (in addition to the shirt we missed the button on).
What do you do to ensure my white suit won't get dingy our turn grey?
In addition to using the proper amount of soap and separating darks from lights, we keep your whites whiter using two methods. First, we distill our cleaning solvent after every load to make sure your clothes get clean, fresh solvent every time. The second thing we do to ensure your white garments stay white is by using separate cleaning machines for light garments and dark garments. This adds another layer of protection against a fugitive dye from changing the color of your white garments.
I have some St. John Knits, can you clean these?
Our cleaning process is a great fit for your St. John Knits. As an extra precaution, we measure all of your St. John Knits before cleaning and attach the measurements to the garment. After cleaning, we re-measure to ensure your garments are exactly the same size as when you brought them in. We also cover or remove (and replace) all of your St. John Knits buttons to keep them looking beautiful.
I would like to get my wedding gown preserved, do you perform this service yourselves, or do you send them out?
We clean all of our wedding gowns here at our plant. We also invite you to come in and view your gown before we place it into the preservation chest so you know exactly what it looks like and your aren't left to wonder.